Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #15

It's been a fair old while since my last few musings so I thought I had better laydown some haiku before the "man" gave my site away! Honestly, it's a real bad habit that quickly develops when you stop posting for a while. It just becomes harder and harder to start again. It's bizarre really … Continue reading Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #15

Sunday Haiku/(Not Haiku) #14

I'm writing to all you good people, today from the garden room, which quite frankly is under a particularly vicious assault from the elements. It’s seriously wet, with razor-sharp drips being blown sideways by the usual gale-force winds. It’s purty bleak and has been literally all day. Bizarrely I was up at 7.30 (I know … Continue reading Sunday Haiku/(Not Haiku) #14

Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #13

All of a sudden, the "indian summer" of the last the last posting seems like years ago. I don't know, maybe it happened to somebody else; looking out at the garden, any warmth is having to fight a rear-guard action against the creeping menace of autumn. It feels like its's time to begin battening down … Continue reading Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #13

Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #10

Hi y'all, I hope you are all enjoying your weekends after the heat and the storms. I know I am, I've been on a cleaning mission. It's strange really but sometimes you are just in the zone. I wish it was always like this, the majority of the time I'd do literally anything to avoid … Continue reading Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #10

Monday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #1

Hey y'all, well it's been so long since I blogged I just thought I'd better lay something down before everyone just kinda thought I'd dropped off the planet or something. As such I've broken my (admittedly non-existent) posting rules by despatching a first Monday Haiku/(Not) Haiku. As has been the practice recently they encompass a … Continue reading Monday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #1

Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #10

Hello everybody, I trust your weekends are going swimmingly, it's certainly pretty mellow round at Casa Neilio at the moment. We've got one of Bubita's bessie mates staying over which is always a lovely thing, obviously. Now, Pippa is a guide dog trainer, so the cherry on top is that she has brought one of … Continue reading Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #10

Bank Holiday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #2

Hello peeps, I trust we have all been having a relaxed bank holiday getting ready for being thrown back into work tomorrow. I say this primarily to rub it in for my non-British readers who are all already back at the coalface.....this early bank holiday leaving them somewhat non-plussed to say the least. I know … Continue reading Bank Holiday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #2

Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #9

Well here I am again right on the cusp of Sunday/Monday, laying down some suitably schizophrenic haiku. As for what day it is, well you can choose for yourselves depending on when you read it and where you are in the world. Maybe it's now, maybe it's tomorrow. Hell maybe it's 50 years in the … Continue reading Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #9