Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #13

All of a sudden, the “indian summer” of the last the last posting seems like years ago. I don’t know, maybe it happened to somebody else; looking out at the garden, any warmth is having to fight a rear-guard action against the creeping menace of autumn.

It feels like its’s time to begin battening down the hatches, locking up all
movable objects before the Wizard of Oz style winds assuage us. Still, we’ve
had the honour of residing at Casa Neilio now for a couple of years and finally….
finally…….it feels like we are ready for whatever the season wants to throw
at us.

The new boiler is all fired up and ready to go, chomping at the bit to see
us through the winter, but I’m intending on using the wood-burner as our first
line of defence.

Wood-burners, God how I love ‘em.

I don’t know, they just bring out the alpha-male in me. Chopping wood thrills me, storing wood….well it’s a thing of beauty.

But burning wood… that’s where it’s at.

It’s just so primal.

Thus, you find yourself tempting fate, willing it to get just cold enough to
necessitate going through the rigamarole of getting the thing going. Although speak
to me in a month when I’m full of a cold and inevitably snowed in and I’ll
probably tell you different.

What do they say? Be careful what you wish for!

Anywho, as per usual I have drifted off the point, what I’m here to do is
post some Haiku/(Not) Haiku. As you’ve probably gathered, they are heavily
influenced by the change of season.

I hope you enjoy!


Fiery chrysanths,
Jut their chin out to autumn-
Take me on, I dare ya!

The wind whispers
To disquieted minds
An embrace,
Soothing all angst

Rain crescendos,
Hammering the garden room windows,
Jealous of warmth.

  • Neilio

2 thoughts on “Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #13

  1. Great haiku s , very seasonal,
    Loved all 3 .
    The dahlia one l particularly liked .
    You made us feel as if Autumn is here . Well done keep up your good work !!!
    Lotsa love Mum xxx


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