Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #12

Well the sun is a-blazing as the Indian summer takes hold. Am I still allowed to use that phrase? It feels a bit racist, looking at it written down. Ach well, I’m gonna go with it, after all I’m sun-drunk, so you’ll let me off, I’m sure. Besides it’s a good thing isn’t it?

It certainly felt good whilst I was out in the garden a-diggin’ and a hoein’ with my beautiful bubita. Let’s face it we all love a little hoein’.

God I’m getting old, when it does occasionally rain I get excited about the water butt being replenished; and I find myself thankful that the garden will get a good drink. It used to be I was the drink-fuelled fiend, but once the garden get’s going, you just can’t stop him. He’ll drink anyone under the table.

But anyhow, no rain today, fantastically.

England are whipping the Aussies in the cricket, the garden looks fab, I’m all loved up with Bubita and to cap it all, we’re going hanging out with our mates tonight. Gorging on homemade curry, necking Cobra – I can’t wait!

So, I just thought I’d squeeze in some haiku before I get all dolled up, hope you don’t mind! Twas much more autumnal when I put most of them down, but hell that’s beautiful too!

Also as a slight disclaimer, I wasn’t out hunting hares with my dopey dog, Benny. He just got it into his head to chase after the fastest mammal in Britain. He’s such an optimist, and naturally ever disappointed.

Dusty, our much more sensible Springer merely watched us with disdain before sauntering around to meet us on the other side of the dip; Benny, breathless and hare-free; me……….

Well, I was limping and fuming. It was 6 in the morning too and as anyone could tell ya, I don’t do mornings!

Anywho, hope you enjoy!


“We’re a-planting.
Alpaca poo, fertilizing –
At one with nature.”

“Fields lie fallow whilst
A bonfire burns beyond.
Autumn slips in quietly.”

The dog careers downhill.
My ankle twists-
The day begins!”

“Squirrel –
Squirrels away
Food for the winter
When will I ever learn?”

  • Neilio

4 thoughts on “Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #12

  1. Great haiku s .
    It sure gives us all a feel of your life in the country .
    It sounds like our forever young son is finally growing up to be talking about hoein.
    Good on you !!!
    Your writing never ceases to amaze me . Keep up the good work .
    Lotsa Love Mum xxx


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