Sunday Haiku/(Not)Haiku) #11

Hey y’all, I figured it was time for me to lay down a few more haiku as it’s just been so long without speaking to youse guys.

As usual it’s been a wacky few weeks since last we spoke as I have been coming back from a bit of downtime from life. And to be honest everything is going just swimmingly, so swimmingly in fact that it’s just been tricky to find the time to post.

It’s bad, I know!!

The thing is when you are coming back to the light from the darkside you’re just full of energy and ideas, so naturally you spread yourself thinly doing loads of stuff you really love. You just don’t finish them.

However the wheat eventually rises from the chaff and so here I am……writing once again. Oh my, lucky you.

The blog is still behind relearning the guitar for the umpteenth time (or should I say unlearning old bad habits) but still here we are.

It’s been a weekend where the lovely in-laws have been down to see us and so we went to town on the garden, prepping it for some serious viewing. Well I say we did it but as usual it was Bubita who did most of it. I just did occasional digging, whinging as I went obviously. However, I’ve gotta admit it was worth it, she’s got an eye for beauty and no mistake.

Anywho, as it was my dad-in laws birthday (that’s him in the photo…Norm) we decided to do some falconry. It is the countryside after all.

It was as cool as you’d expect and I thoroughly recommend it, plus it’s fab the way that us peasants can partake in such kingly pursuits nowadays.

So enough of me speaking, you can listen to my haiku instead.

See ya soon!


“Hawk stares insouciant
Glove out, waiting.
Muscle twitch,
Low swoop,
A prize claimed.”

“Bubita weeds the beds,
A crouched hero –
Freeing shrubbery from servitude.”

“Horses graze the meadow,
While developers snarl.
Nature’s small victory.”

  • Neilio

One thought on “Sunday Haiku/(Not)Haiku) #11

  1. Great haiku s ,as usual .
    I particularly enjoyed the one about your lovely wife weeding .( a back breaking task) l might add , she’s a good one . I also enjoyed the horses in the meadow . It brought back lovely memories !!!
    So pleased you are back to writing and on such good form . Lotsa Love Mum xxx


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