Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #10

Hi y’all, I hope you are all enjoying your weekends after the heat and the storms. I know I am, I’ve been on a cleaning mission. It’s strange really but sometimes you are just in the zone. I wish it was always like this, the majority of the time I’d do literally anything to avoid the dusting and I have to say it’s much more palatable if you throw yourself into it.

Anywho, I been having some downtime recently, by which I mean a fair amount of time just feeling down (mid-life crisis, strikes again) and then a much more enjoyable period taking downtime away from feeling down.

Just finding the joy again in the little things can be a fantastic filip for the soul. I think we’re pretty simple creatures if we just step away from the bullshit occasionally. The trick will (of course) revolve around holding onto this mindset. It’s not as easy to do as it is to write, but hell, it’s worth trying.

So to cap a productive day off I figured I’d drop some haiku for y’all. I’ve just had my ma and pa down for a visit so it pretty much encompasses our adventures particularly the magnificent swan attack on my pops (that’s him in the picture). I really love life occasionally!

I hope you enjoy!


Sun smirks,
Swan stretches a graceful neck,
Nature’s ballet-
Swiping my father’s lolly.

Forest canopy hides
The morning sun.
Sultry and close,
Ancient ferns gaze on.

No match for the storm’s bluster
Sun hides, burnt arms rejoice.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #10

  1. Wonderful it brings back memories of a glorious week , spent with you our lovely daughter -in – law , and not forgetting your two cuddly dogs .
    Haiku s as usual excellent , especially liked the swan trying to eat Dads lolly , he was adamant he was going to hold on to it , even though he was bitten twice by swan .
    ( hilarious ) .
    Keep up the good work , it is a joy to read your comments and haiku s .
    Love you loads Mum x


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