Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #10

Hello everybody, I trust your weekends are going swimmingly, it’s certainly pretty mellow round at Casa Neilio at the moment. We’ve got one of Bubita’s bessie mates staying over which is always a lovely thing, obviously. Now, Pippa is a guide dog trainer, so the cherry on top is that she has brought one of her trainees to stay as well.

As you can imagine, coupled with our dogs it’s summery mayhem round here. When they arrived the heavens opened (of course) and we were stuck indoors, it’s was like having the Hole in the Wall Gang round to stay, slinking about, rowdy, looking for trouble.

Still big fun was had by all, (at least that’s what I’ve convinced myself) and today Mr Sun made his much delayed appearance. Hence the ladies have taken the gang out for their constitutionals whilst I attempt to regale you with some Sunday Haiku.

I’m afraid it’s a little eclectic as they have been written over a few weeks, however there’s some life and death in there, coupled with a random rocket man reference……

Anywho, I hope you enjoy!

“Muntjac crashes through the woods.                                                                                      A glance darts our way.                                                                                                           The moment stretches.                                                                                                   Sublime.”

“Life is turning to
The rhythm of the sun.
A thrush
Mocks my sense of awe.”

“Roadkill badger stares
Glass-eyed in the fast lane –
Just what was she thinking.”

“Jet trail aims for the moon.
Rocket man strives –
Under equipped for the journey.”

  • Neilio



2 thoughts on “Sunday Haiku/(Not) Haiku #10

  1. Loved your haiku s as usual.
    I liked them all. The muntjac was very cleverly written.
    Also the jet trail one l particularly liked.
    The thrush one and the poor badger gives you a real sense of the country.
    Lotsa love Mum xxx


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